Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Blog Introduction / About me

Hello, my name is Emerald, and I go to Awapuni School. I have two older sisters, four older brothers, and two younger brothers. I'm originally from New Zealand.

I am good at writing, most preferably poetry or literature. I enjoy writing fiction, and poems. My challenges are working out fractions, and measurement. My goals for this year are to work on my aesthetic of art, and to be more creative.

My favorite color is Chartreuse, and my Zodiac sign is Cancer. I'm looking forward to my mum's first gig in June as a singer. I'm inspired by Bendelacreme (Aka. Benjamin Putman), because of her natural positivity and unconditional kindness. I’m also inspired by Trixie Mattel (Aka. Brian Michael Firkus), also because of her positivity. Another person i'm inspired by is Adore Delano (Aka. Daniel Anthony Noriega). My personal goal is to become a dessert chef when I am older.

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